How Do You Stay Current in the Sea of Social Media?

Your customers are on social media daily. If you want to stay relevant in the marketplace and not lose traction, you have to have a social media presence. Today, a mere presence is not enough to stay current in the marketplace. You must also engage with your audience on social media. If you aren’t engaging with them, you can be sure your competition is and that is how they will gain traction within your industry. Smart marketers don’t let this happen because they are constantly on the lookout for the most impactful way to engage with their audience.

With so many people engaging on multiple social media platforms today, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time and effort. If you are running successful social media campaigns on multiple platforms, you will be spending a good chunk of your time each day managing these campaigns and engaging with your audience. So, choosing which platforms get your attention is crucial.

So, how do you stay current in the sea of social media?

Facebook is still the largest social media platform and is always worth your time, but Instagram is pulling into a close second place. Instagram is a visually based social media platform and research has shown that people currently engage 58 times more often with content on Instagram than other social media sites! As a marketer, Instagram gives you the ability to connect with your audience by telling your story through photographs and defining your brand’s identity.

According to Instagram, there are 15 million active business profiles on their site. This may seem like a lot, but it pales in comparison to Facebook’s stake on 50 million active business pages. Because Instagram is still up and coming in comparison to Facebook, there is a good possibility that you can beat a lot of your competitors to the proverbial Instagram table. By becoming one of the first businesses within your industry to engage on Instagram, you will greatly increase your relevancy with your audience.

In today’s sea of social media, Instagram is important for businesses of all sizes! With over 700 million active users each month and growing, you shouldn’t overlook the marketing power of Instagram!

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